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Hydro Geological Investigations.

Groundwater Survey including ERS, SP/SPR/GAMMA Ray Logging, Study of soil samples, studies regarding marking of Aquifers, Yield tests in test boreholes, Study in Pizometers, selection of good depth and diameters deciding other parameters regarding drilling of a Production well.


Tubewell design and its construction.

Drilling of boreholes in all types of soil with Reverse and Straight Rotry drilling Rigs, Capacity of Drilling Diameter ranges from 6 to 21 inches, depth upto 1200ft. Tubewell Designing placement of blind and perforated casing by studying drill logs and complete construction of and installation of tubewell.

Geo Technical Investigations and piling works.

Study of physical properties of soil and rocks around the site to design earth work and foundation for proposed structures including repair of earth works caused by sub-surface water. Study of Pile foundation and its testing including SIT (Sonic Integrity Test).

Designing Pumping Systems (Submersible, Turbine and Centrifugal Pumps)

Design type of pump required for pumping water including step and long duration pump testings, deciding pump setting depth and flow that meets to the well recharge.

Design and Supply of RO Plants.

Design and installation of Locally assembled and complete imported Reverse Osmosis Plants.

Supply of Tubewell Material, Equipments and related supplies.

Supply of all Tubewell Material including blind and perforated uPVC, Fibreglass, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Mild Steel well casings, Gravel shrouding, Mild Steel, Fibreglass, SS, Column Pipes, 2 Core , 3 Core 8/10/16 mm Flat and Round Submersible cables, Panels and MCU, Submersible, Turbine and Centrifugal Pumps and all other accessories.

Fabrication of Bulk Storage Mild Steel Tanks, Piping and Civil Works.

Fabrication, Erection, Dismantling, Painting, Testing, Paving and Piping of Bulk storage Mild Steel Tanks and related Civil Works.

Rehabilitation of Existing Tubewells

Pulling out of dropped pumps, equipments from boreholes, servicing and cleaning of existing bores.